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                How to remove the odor in Jiangmen plastic preservation box?

                2020-12-29 506

                Speaking of plastic preservation box, it is the household plastic products that we often use in our daily life. The plastic fresh-keeping box is likely to have peculiar smell after repeated use. Once the plastic fresh-keeping box has peculiar smell, it is difficult to remove it. How to remove itJiangmen plastic preservation boxWhat about the smell in the air? The following methods can try!

                1. Use fresh onion. Cut the onion into pieces and seal it in a plastic box. If you take it out the next day, it won't taste good.

                2. Use fresh pineapple. Cut the fresh pineapple into small pieces and put it in a plastic box. Then put it in a hot place for a period of time.

                3. Use the skin of Wendan. Wendan has a good function of removing peculiar smell. Cut the Wendan peel into small pieces and put it in the plastic box.


                4. Soak the remaining tea leaves with water and pour them into the plastic box with water and then seal them. Waste utilization, kill two birds with one stone, if you are afraid of tea stains, wash the box with some toothpaste, the effect is sure to be OK!

                5. Soak it in bleach, it will remove the smell immediately, and it will also eliminate the poison and make it cleaner!

                6. Wash with oranges, several oranges, squeeze out the orange juice, pour it into the plastic box, and let the orange juice and food plastic box fully touch for a period of time. The odor in the plastic box can be removed very well.

                7. Use rice washing water. As long as the fresh-keeping box is placed in rice washing water or the container is filled with rice washing water, soaked in a bowl, and then cleaned with sponge the next day, the peculiar smell can be removed.

                Article source: Jiangmen plastic box


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